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Event Cinemas is on the second level of the Orion shopping centre in the heart of Springfield. You can access them via the escalators in the main restaurant hub or from the room top carpark.

The best parking area is the rooftop.

Kids Church is for 3yrs and up. We have plenty of space in Vmax cinema 1 as well as out in the Vmax bar area for you an your children. Don't worry if you kids are noisy or restless, the cinema is so large that it doesn't matter. That an we love kids, so the noise doesn't bother us.


You can purchase coffee and drinks from the Vmax bar before and after the service


You will need to register upon arrival for contact tracing


There is plenty of space to spread out with a couple of seats spare between you and the next household for physical distancing.

C3 Church Springfield kids

The kids program is designed to accomodate a wide age range. As we grow as a church we will move to age separated kids programs. At this stage kids under 3 will need to go into the main service with their parents.

We suggest arriving early to sign your kids into the program in Cinema 3 ready for a 9am start. Head on in to Cinema 3 when you arrive and a kids team leader will be there at the kids desk to assist you.

During the program the kids team will lead fun activities, prayer, worship and the kids will watch our C3 Kids Cinema teaching series that is all produced in house. Each child will receive popcorn and a drink when in the kids program.

Towards the end of the service, the kids team will bring all the kids into the main church service for a final worship song together. The kids will sit in their designated seating area and parents will need to sign their kids out and collect them from this area. Our kids team will be given directions and help you on the day.

  • It is important that parents have their mobile phones on them visible during the service in case the kids team contact them for any reason.
  • If children need to go to the bathroom, parents will be notified and will have to come and get them to go to the bathroom.
  • Before and after the service it is important that parents take responsibility for their own children as Event Cinema is a large venue.
C3 Church Springfield